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I love depression. If you’re me, depression means you eat as much pasta as you want while catching up on all your favorite TV shows. To me, depression is akin to vacation, and I have loved every second of it.
Alison Royer, This Is Going To Work
I have developed a kind of different style over the years. I hate trying to re-create a tone or a pitch. Saying, “I want to make it sound like I made it sound the last time”? That’s insane, because the last time doesn’t exist. It’s only this time. And everything is going to be different this time. There’s only now. And I don’t think a director, as often as not, knows what is going to play funny anyway. As often as not, the right one is the one that they’re surprised by, so I don’t think that they have the right tone in their head.
Bill Murray to GQ, 2010

BBC bans all-male panels on comedy shows such as QI and Mock the Week

How Seth Meyers Made Everyone On 'SNL' Better

Jon Stewart Bid John Oliver A Tearful, Hilarious ‘Daily Show’ Goodbye With A Surprise Retrospective

All of it’s great. The tie-bite at 3:50 is super great.

Boston is rich with comedy talent. Will 2014 bring crowds?

(nice job, thehousethatdelbuilt!)

But I guess ultimately what scares me about marriage is where do you find this person? You know a lot of times, most successful relationships, people meet through work, school, mutual friends.

But what’s most interesting to me is when people just meet in life, just randomly.

You know, I have a friend, he got married, I asked him like “Hey, uh, where’d you meet your wife?” He was like “I was leaving Bed, Bath & Beyond. I was looking for my car - I drive a gray Prius. I saw a different gray Prius, I thought it was mine, I walked up to it, I realized I had the wrong car, but I bumped into Carol, we started talking, that was that”. That’s unbelievable.

Think about all the random factors that had to come together to make this one moment possible - this one moment that changed these two people’s entire lives:

First off, this guy has to live in this particular town. Then he has to get a gray Prius. Then he has to need to go to Bed, Bath & Beyond. Then he has to go to that particular Bed, Bath & Beyond. Then there has to be another guy who also lives in town, also drives a gray Prius, also needs to go to Bed, Bath & Beyond, also goes to that particular Bed, Bath & Beyond at around the same time. Then they have to both park somewhat near each other, my friend has to leave before the other guy leaves, see the wrong Prius, think it’s his, walk up to it. Then the woman, Carol, needs to be near the wrong gray Prius for a million other random reasons. They bump into each other, they start talking, their entire lives are changed.

That’s the most amazing and terrifying thing about life.

It is, cause the amazing thing is that at any moment, any one of us can have that moment that totally changes our lives. You could be leaving the show tonight, bump into someone… it could change your life. You don’t know, that could happen.

The terrifying thing is… what if we’re all supposed to be at Bed Bath & Beyond right now?

Aziz Ansari, Buried Alive


SNL Digital Short “Dear Sister”

In honor of 10th Anniversary of The O.C.

I remember completely losing my mind when this short aired. So completely ridiculous.

I try to articulate to the students how empty and frustrating it is for a reader to invest their time and attention in something that they feel that the agenda is basically to show you that the writer’s clever…

- David Foster Wallace via blankonblank

The House That Del Built: As Long As You Listen to Your Body...


…overly-directive side-coaching is ineffective in the long run, because it a) represents an inefficiently unnatural simulation of reality, and b) relies on the (constant and constantly reasserted) assessment and intuition of the instructor/director/coach rather than that of the player.


President Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner

Late to the party, but: I enjoyed hearing some insights into UCB’s economics on the Funny or Die podcast.

People will kill you over time, and how they’ll kill you is with tiny, harmless phrases, like “be realistic.”
Dylan Moran
I read an article many years ago about kids who, for whatever reason, see the world as crazy - they could have crazy parents, an abusive priest, some other awful circumstance. Some kids will blame themselves. They’ll say, ‘I know the priest is good. He’s a man of God. So what he’s doing is good, and I must be wrong.’ But the other child, the Absurd Child, will say, ‘No, I’m not crazy. The world is fucking nuts. My parents are insane. That priest is crazy.’ And that’s the beginning of the comic perspective.