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BBC bans all-male panels on comedy shows such as QI and Mock the Week

This is another bill with a motherhood-and-apple-pie title.

[NSFW audio] A great point: Dan Savage on men reconciling virgin/whore complexes.

Is it possible more would get done if there were more women in Congress? That is almost guaranteed.
President Barack Obama, 4/6/12 (via think-progress)
Dorothy was what we would have called back then very ladylike,” former Times columnist Steve Harvey said in an email. “She wore dresses. She didn’t smoke or curse…. But she was tough.” As proof, he recalled how she was sent to skid row in 1978 to write about the fears of the homeless after a series of stabbings. “She was funny and smart and she was one of the guys, and that was very hard to achieve back then,” said Patt Morrison, a Times columnist who was a newsroom intern when she met Townsend in the late 1970s. “It was a very macho environment when she came into it, and it was pretty brave for her to do.
Violence is an unacceptable way of dealing with conflict. Violence is a choice a man makes and he alone is responsible for it.
Patrick Stewart in the Guardian, 2009. Read his latest Guardian piece on domestic violence funding here. (via @jezebel)

Comedians: Something to Think About

Timely. Last week I walked out when a comic joked about hiring guys to gang-rape his wife if she tried to divorce him.

i don’t think i get it, but i love it. and i’m okay with that.


I’ve watched this video at least five times today already. Will be watching it more in the next few minutes.