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Pale Blue Dot but with yelling



This is so stupid, but I can’t stop laughing.

Shit Mimes Say by jeffoseal

Forbes defines "Geeks" - ugh, whatever dweebs.

Speaking of geeks, GET EXCITED because submissions are now open for Geek Week VI, Boston’s annual geeky/nerdy/dorky/awesome comedy festival taking place this April 25 - 29. Whatever you love (ninjas, wizards, zombies, comic books, video games, board games, dice, MTG, DnD, WoW, Aubrey Plaza, Harry Potter, Joss Whedon, π, hobbitses, ragetoons, Ryan Gosling, John Hodgeman, NPR, Star Wars, anime, Game of Thrones, Deanna Troy, Hitchhikers Guide, Quantum Leap, schrodinger’s kittens, etc), create a show about it in sketch, improv, stand-up, video, debate, forum, or any other conceivable form, and bring it. You’ll be glad you did - getting in means meeting other hilarious geeks from around the country, taking comedy workshops, rolling some serious charisma and checking out Cambridge, MA, the nerdiest city in the world. This festival already loves you and your nerdy obsessions. Love it back.


Too good. Video of a 4-year-old watching the part of Empire Strikes Back where it’s revealed that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father. This redeems the whole series for me.

North Coast rapping about candy shops at ImprovBoston